Before And After

Below you can find some before and after photos of actual patients.

Patient received a series of 6 Neo Laser treatments done 1 month apart for her rosacea and wow what an improvement! Patient is getting married and wanted her skin to look better for her big day and we definitely accomplished that!

Patient came in for CoolSculpting Treatment for the reduction of fullness in her chin area or submental area. Patient received 1 treatment and shows significant results! Patient is extremely satisfied with her results and looks forward to the final results which can take up to 4 months.

If you’re having similar concerns, we offer complimentary consultations to see if you would be a good candidate. Give us a call, we look forward to seeing you.

VISIA photos taken after 1 Treatment of Microneedling with PRP. Notice the improvement in reduction of pores and texture of skin.

Patient received 3 neo lasers. Dramatic improvement with reducing the redness/inflammation as well as improvement with uneven skin tone and brown spots. Patient is happy with the great results in such a short amount of time.

Patient suffers from melasma but patient controls it with daily at home skincare which includes the PCA C&E Advanced with hexylresorcinol and silymarin(PCA CE Adv) plus a physical SPF during the day and PCA Intensive Brightening Treatment Retinol (PCA IBT retinol) at night time. Patient also does monthly/bi-monthly chemical peels to help the melasma as well. The VISIA pics show great improvement with her condition, contact us today for a complimentary consultation

Patient received a series of PCA chemical peels which yielded in great results with less wrinkles and brown spots. Maintains her in-office treatments with an at-home regimen.

Patient receives monthly dermaplane and superficial chemical peel treatments to help reduce the inflammation in her skin, as well as treat fine lines and wrinkles and discolorations. Chemical peels also help to reduce the growth of actinic keratosis which this patient had previously experienced.

Patient received 3 customized PCA chemical peels and saw dramatic improvement with brown spots/discolorations and redness. patient is also using a skincare regimen tailored to her specific needs. patient continues to receive maintenance treatments and is thrilled with her overall results with very little downtime.