Collagen P.I.N.


Collagen P.I.N. (Percutaneous Induction Needling) is an innovative and effective procedure that activates cellular regeneration to help tighten and lift skin, while minimizing common skin problems such as:

You may have also heard this procedure referred to as PCIT, Percutaneous Collagen Induction Therapy, micro-needling, or automated micro-needling.

Collagen P.I.N. is a new method of introducing a controlled wound into the skin – triggering a release of natural growth factors, new collagen, and elastin. This process causes much less damage to the epidermis than dermal rolling, lasers, and other ablative treatments, which helps to protect the new skin cell growth providing for quicker healing and a much higher success rate for overall and longer lasting results.

collagen-pin-benefitsCollagen P.I.N. can be used on all skin types to address a variety of concerns. Almost all areas of the body can be treated, unless your medical provider determines otherwise, including:


Collagen P.I.N. FAQs

Who can be treated with Collagen P.I.N.?

Collagen P.I.N. can be used on all skin types to address a variety of concerns. Most areas of the body can be treated unless your medical provider determines otherwise.

How is the procedure performed?

A sterile, disposable needle-tip containing 12 tiny micro-needles is attached to the Collagen P.I.N. Your skincare professional will apply a thin layer of topical serum to your skin and select the appropriate treatment depth based on your unique needs. Next, in a single motion, the Collagen P.I.N. will be gently glided across the skin in one direction until the entire treatment area has been covered. This results in thousands of microscopic channels throughout the entire treatment area which allows topicals and serums to reach the true targeted areas, producing a much more efficacious result.

Will the Collagen P.I.N. procedure hurt?

Prior to your treatment with the Collagen P.I.N., the medical provider will apply a topical numbing agent. Most people say they feel almost nothing after having been pretreated with a topical numbing agent.

How long will it take for me to see results from my Collagen P.I.N. treatment?

Most all patients see results after the first Collagen P.I.N. treatment. Individual results vary depending on individual skin health. It is most common to begin to see true changes or positive results as soon as 1-2 weeks after the first treatment. Many patients comment on positive changes in even less time. Often change is noted within just a few days.

How long will my Collagen P.I.N. results last?

Collagen P.I.N. produces results through the stimulation of growth factors and collagen, thereby promoting new skin cells to surface. As our skin ages, our collagen production naturally slows down. Your overall result will last longer when using an at home skin care regimen that includes a daily Retinoid product. Your medical provider is best suited to make this recommendation. New collagen & elastin formation in the skin are documented as visually and measurably improved as much as one year after just one treatment. However, a series of treatments is typically recommended for best results.

What will I look like after my Collagen P.I.N. treatment?

Collagen P.I.N. is considered a no downtime treatment. Immediately after your treatment your skin will look slightly pink to moderately red. Your medical provider will recommend skin care products for your post care based on your individual skin, which will greatly minimize these symptoms and enhance your overall results.

Can I use Makeup after having my Collagen P.I.N. treatment?

Directly after your treatment we recommend using only mineral based foundation, as it cannot build bacteria. You may go back to your regular foundation 4 days post treatment.

How do I get started?

Call us today to set up your free consultation. We’ll see if you’re a good candidate for Collagen P.I.N. and work with you to develop a treatment plan.

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